1. Who can buy Property in Turkey?

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2. Any restriction for buyer when buying property in Turkey?:

Yes, rural regions and military areas.

3. Properties are freehold in Turkey?:

Yes, All Properties are freehold in Turkey.

4. Is it safe to buy Property in Turkey?:

Yes, please choose small cities and counties example Alanya, Kas, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum. The crime level is under %1 in these cities.

5. What are the General Prices of the Properties in Turkey?:

You can find property start price 25.000 Euro. It depends on what you expect from a property. Example: if you want new building, sea view, close to beach, affilities, swimming pool, private parking etc, all those are changing the price of the properties in Turkey.

6. How to Buy Property in Turkey?:

You need 2 photos, your passport, to Buy Property in Turkey. Attention! If you have crime history in your country, your application for title deed might be refused by Turkish Government

7. Loan? Can I get mortgage in Turkey?:

Yes you can get mortgage in Turkey. Attention: to use mortgage in Turkey, You must have a job in your country.

7. Can I or shall I insure my property?:

Yes this is a must in Turkey. Turkish Government require insurance for all properties in Turkey even you are foreigner or Turkish.

7. Can I find a lawyer who speaks my language?:

Yes you can click here and get more information about Turkish laws Click Here.

8. Can I find a lawyer who speaks my language?:

Yes you can click here and get more information about Turkish laws Click Here.

9. How the system work? Buying Procedures?:

When you decided to buy a Property, home, apartment etc. in Turkey. You need to open a bank account + tax number in Turkey. You should give your passport copy and 2 photos of you to the Property Selling Company. All procedures takes about 2-3 days. After these procedures are finished, you can get your title deed registration. Before title deed registration, You have to transfer the money of the Property to your account from your country to Turkey.

10. Do you need extra permission to buy homes in Turkey?:

No, you will not need any extra permission to live in Turkey if you bought a property in Turkey.

11. What is yearly tax of Properties in Turkey?:

%0,3 yearly tax must be paid as tax to the Turkish Government.

12. How much do I need to live in Turkey/Monthly ?:

Normal family with 2 children, electric will cost about 30 – 100 Euro, water 10 – 50 Euro, Kitchen 100 – 500 Euro, Extras 100 500 Euro. This up to your life standarts. We gave above minimum and maximum prices.

13. Have you another question ?:

Please do not hesitate to contact us from contact us section.

How to Buy Property in Turkey

How to Buy Property in Turkey